CAR Control Committee


  • The Minister of Health and Social Affairs

Representatives of the Prince’s Government

  • The Director General of the Department of Social Affairs and Health
  • Special Advisor to the Department of Social Affairs and Health
  • Comptroller General
  • Director of the Budget and Treasury

Employer representatives

Full members
  • M. Robert LAURE
  • M. Henri LEIZE
  • M. Philippe ORTELLI
  • M. Jean-Claude LEO
  • Mme Sophie VINCENT
Alternate members
  • M. Ariel BARUGEL
  • M. Alain de ROANY
  • M. Alain POGGIO
  • M. Guillaume RAPIN
  • M. Claudio SIFFREDI

Representatives of employee and retirees

Full members
  • M. Michel ALAUX
  • M. Bernard ASSO
  • Mme Angèle BRAQUETTI
  • M. Thierry SAMAR
  • M. Silvano VITTORIOSO
Alternate members
  • M. Bruno AUGE
  • M. Emmanuel RULFO
  • Mme Elodie LUTHERER
  • Mme Lena HANNS
  • Mme Anne MAUGUE