Terms and Conditions of use of the online service "Online income statement"

Important: If you use this service there is no need to return your questionnaire by post.


You can use this online service to complete the annual income statement for the allocation of your new card colour.

Who can use this online service?

Anyone employed by a Monegasque employer who is a member of to the CCSS, provided that they have been the subject of a salary statement for the September preceding the allocation of the card colour and for who we do not know the total gross household income for the reference period.

Income to be declared

This is gross income that does not appear in the section entitled “Information known by the Caisses Sociales”. It may be from a salaried or replacement activity (daily benefits, unemployment benefits, retirement pension, etc.) conducted within the Monegasque Public Service, or even in France or abroad, or from self-employment, regardless of location.
It should be noted that the gross income used to determine the annual card colour relates to the income received by your household.

By household we mean:

  • A married couple, in a cohabitation agreement or in a PACS (civil partnership contract),
  • A “solo person” (single, separated, divorced or widowed),

with or without dependent children.

If your family situation or your household composition has recently changed

When determining the annual card colour, your family situation and your household composition are taken into account when you return the survey. Initially, you will be allocated a card colour that takes account of this situation. If this changes after it has been sent, it will be adjusted later and a new card issued, where necessary.

Conditions for reviewing the card colour during the year

Your card colour may be reconsidered during the course of the year in the following cases:

  • change in family situation,
  • new birth in the household,
  • after 3 full months of paid work interruption if you are the claimant, after 6 months for non-claimants.

For information, members of the same household cannot be classified in different colour categories, an adjustment for these situations is made retrospectively.

When is your electronic statement taken into account?

You can, at any time, decide to register the items that you have entered on the online service. Just by registering, you can subsequently change what you have entered.
However, your declaration is only taken into account once you have clicked “Send”. Your statement is then sent to the Registration Department for processing.

Amending the electronic statement

If you wish to change the items that you have entered via the online service, you can do so online as long as your statement has not yet been sent, by logging on to “Your personal account”. Once the statement has been validated and sent, you can no longer access this service. If required, you should contact us for more information.

Can I keep a copy of my electronic statement?

When you send your statement, you are given the option to download a summary form. We recommend that you save or print this if you wish to keep a copy of your electronic statement.

Right to access and amend data

If you wish to correct or access the detailed information on your electronic statement, please contact the Registration Department:

This information is stored for 3 years.

The validity of the electronic statement

The legal validity of your electronic statement is the same as that of a paper statement.
Entry is authenticated using your CCSS number, your date of birth and your PIN which is unique and known only to you.

Information sent as part of your statement can be used to check your entitlement to benefits.