Coronavirus - What compensation for those who must stay at home with their children?

Monday, 22 June 2020
This compensation scheme, established last 16 March to support families while schools are closed, will soon come to an end.

This compensation scheme, established last 16 March to support families while schools are closed, will soon come to an end:

  • For children enrolled in schools in Monaco:

Some classes remain closed or reopened in May in conditions making some parents unable to resume their professional activity. Parents still required to stay at home with their children with no possibility of resorting to teleworking may benefit from compensation for work stoppage until the end of the school year on 26 June inclusive.

ATTENTION: insured parties choosing not to return their children to school, when this is possible, cannot claim any compensation.

  • For children enrolled in schools in France or Italy:

As from 22 June, given the mandatory reopening of schools in the usual conditions, parents of children attending schools in France can no longer claim this compensation.

The same applies for children attending schools in Italy, since the Italian school year will have ended on that date.

To benefit from compensation for childcare, the parent concerned must undertake the following formalities:

Contact their employer to discuss possible teleworking conditions. If no adjustment of working conditions for staying at home with the children is possible, it is the employer who must  send the specific form , which can be downloaded below, to declare the employee’s work stoppage (parents need not contact the Health Insurance Office)

Such leave will be granted from the date of the start of work stoppage on the certificate.

To qualify, the insured party must meet certain conditions:

  • The children must be under age 16 on the date of the start of work stoppage (18 in case of handicap);
  • Only one parent (or the person holding parental authority) is entitled to paid leave. The employee must certify that he/she alone is applying for the form, downloadable below, to be transmitted by the employer along with the specific work stoppage form;
  • The company must be unable to offer the employee a teleworking option (work stoppage must be the only possible solution during this period);
  • The other parent must also be employed and unable to benefit from a leave of absence.

Compensation is paid on submission of certificates of absence and sworn statements for the period until the date of signature of these forms (which must be renewed approximately every 20 days, if necessary).

The employee shall then receive from the C.C.S.S. a daily allowance corresponding to 50% of the mean daily salary calculated on the basis of gross remuneration received from the same employer in the previous 12 months.

Employers are invited to maintain the salary for their employees, with no waiting period.

If, however, the employer does not maintain the salary, the C.C.S.S. will pay the employee additional compensation, on behalf of the State, in order to guarantee total compensation (daily allowance + additional compensation) equivalent to the mean gross salary within the limit of a ceiling of €1,800 for a full month of compensation.

The sworn statement must be duly filled in by the insured party and the employer, and returned by e-mail to: