COVID-19 HEALTH MEASURES Insured persons who have to keep their child at home after being sent home from school

Thursday, 15 April 2021
This arrangement was implemented by the Monegasque Authorities on 22 September 2020.

It is intended to cover situations in which a child will be subject to a temporary school exclusion measure in accordance with the current health protocols.

For situations where the entire establishment is closed, click here

General Principles in the event of a child being sent home from school

To receive compensation for child care, the parent involved must be unable to continue working from home.

In the same way, the husband/spouse (or the other parent, as the case may be), must be in active employment, unable to work from home and must not be in receipt of partial or total temporary unemployment benefits.

Parents involved must therefore carry out the following procedures:

  • They must contact their employer and consider with them any arrangements for working from home which could be set up.
  • If no arrangement of working conditions can enable them to work from home while caring for the child, the insured person and the employer must jointly fill in the specific form, which can be downloaded below, to declare this absence from work.

The form must be filled in again and sent when work is resumed, preferably via the employer's online documents area.

Additional Conditions

To benefit from this, the following conditions must be met:

  • Age Condition: the child must be under 16 years old on the day the absence from work commences (18 years in the event of disability);
  • Condition relating to the location of the school: The child must be schooled in Monaco or, if he/she is schooled in France, must be covered by C.C.S.S. for health insurance;
  • Condition of non-cumulation: Only one parent (or guardian) can be granted an absence from work.

Amount and Payment of Compensation

Compensation is paid from the date of the declared absence. However, a waiting period of three days will be applied.

It will apply from the date of resumption of work or within twenty days at the earliest after the start of the absence from work.

It is calculated on the basis of:

  • 50% of the basic salary when the employer is paying the rest of the salary
  • 80% of the basic salary when the employer does not pay the rest of the salary.