COVID 19 - Case of work stoppage for domestic workers

Wednesday, 13 May 2020
Case of work stoppage for domestic workers

If the employer is ill or in confinement

The employer should not ask the employee to come to the workplace. In this case, it is best to contact the Labour Department (Direction du Travail) for information on the necessary formalities.

At the time of reporting salaries, the corresponding periods must be reported with an ‘congés sans solde’ event.

If the employer has not contracted Covid-19 and is not in confinement

Taking account of the lifting of social isolation measures, a worker's activity may restart, although the employer is required to comply with and enforce "gestes barrières" (protective gestures)

  • If activity can effectively be carried out under its usual conditions, there is no change in the terms of declaration.
  • Otherwise, you must contact the the Direction du Travail (Labour Department) for information on the steps to take.

If the employee is ill, in confinement or must stay at home with children

The employee will receive compensation from the C.C.S.S.

For further information on this procedure: see Coronavirus – Détail of the measures takent by Governement Authorities

At the time the salary is reported, the periods of compensation must be reported as a ‘maladie’ event.

In this situation, if the employer chooses to maintain the remaining half-salary, the sums paid are not to be reported and not subject to contributions. Only the hours actually worked should be reported

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