Personal Data Protection section

To fulfil their tasks, the Monaco Social Funds use computer resources and implement processing of personal information, automatically subject to the Commission to Monitor Personal Information (CCIN). The CCIN is an independent administrative authority responsible for ensuring that personal information is protected in connection with automated computer processing and makes available to people and legal entities the public directory of processing which has been carried out.

Under Article 13 of Act No. 1.165, persons concerned by processing carried out by a private law body involved in a task of public interest, such as the Monaco Social Funds (CAR, CCSS, CARI, CAMTI), do not have the right to prevent processing of their information.

However, in accordance with current regulations, we are committed to respecting your privacy.

Detailed information on processing carried out

Pursuant to Article 14 of Law 1.165 of 23 December 1993, as amended, on the protection of personal information, you can consult the list of processing legally carried out by the Social Funds since July 2001. In addition, you can consult the public directory of processing held by the Commission to Monitor Personal Information.
For further information concerning the various processing operations please contact our Data Protection Officer.

Purposes of Processing Personal Information

Personal data processing carried out by the Social Funds is intended, in particular, to register employees, to collect contributions, to manage medical services, to pay various benefits and allowances, as well as the payment of pension entitlements.

We only collect or record, directly from you or indirectly via partner public bodies, the data necessary to meet the purposes for which we are responsible.

However, information provided to our organisation may be used for the purposes of checking the right to benefits.
We stress the importance of giving us accurate and up-to-date information, as well as the need to notify us without delay of any significant change concerning yourself.

Security of Personal Data

We take every precaution to maintain the security of your personal information, which is only processed by authorised staff and according to secure protocols.
In this way, we strive to prevent data from being inaccurate, damaged, abused, or accessed by unauthorised third parties.

Retention of Personal Data

The Social Funds only keep your data for the time required to carry out the operations for which they were collected.
Retention periods are declared to the Commission to Monitor Personal Information, in accordance with the law.

Right of Access and Correction

In accordance with Law No. 1.165 of 23 December 1993, as amended, you can obtain a copy and, if necessary, correct information concerning you.
To exercise these rights or to learn more about our Personal Data Protection Policy, please contact the Data Protection Officer (DPO):

Caisses Sociales de Monaco
11 Rue Louis Notari
98000 Monaco