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Professional employers

ATTENTION: From the October 2017 statement, the online services are changing and there will now be one Statement and a single Payment for all contributions.

New Monaco salary statements (DSM)

Salary statement help tool

Employers who do not use the online filing service can use this tool. This salary statement software is an add-on to Microsoft Excel (Microsoft Office 32 bit and 64 bit compatible version).

Attention: before using this software, you must subscribe to the online services.
You can contact the Contribution Collections Department for information.

Alpha39 barcode font

Entering salary statements online requires an Alpha39-type barcode font to publish the summary reports.
You can download and install the 3-of-9 barcode font.

Data transfer standards for salary statements

For the attention of integrators and service providers, particularly when linking to a payroll package:

Remote support & online meetings

We use the TeamViewer solutions.

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