Personal account

The Caisses Sociales de Monaco provide you with a personal Insured Area where you can carry out your formalities online, consult or download your documents, and much more.

Accessing your personal space

You can access this personal area from the Caisses Sociales de Monaco mobile application or from a web browser on our website

To connect to your Personal Space, you will need :

  • Your 4 to 6 digit registration number, (e.g. 123456) This number appears on most of the documents sent to you by the Caisses Sociales, and on your registration card.
  • Your date of birth.
  • Your PIN (personal identification number) code, comprised of 7 or 8 characters.


Connecting for the first time

  • Connection from the mobile application :
    Use the confidential code (password) that you have been sent by the Caisses Sociales.
    This password (PIN code) appears on all the benefit payment documents sent to you by the Caisses Sociales: medical benefits statements, family allowances, etc.
    If you no longer have it, you can ask for it to be sent again: go to the "Forgotten password" link on the online services connection screen.
    If you still have problems connecting, please our reception desks.
  • Connection from an Internet browser to the Social Security website:
    You can consult the help for the 1st connection on this page: Help for the 1st connection to the new portal


Protecting your PIN code

Your PIN code (password) is the best way of protecting your confidential personal data. It consists of 7 or 8 characters and cannot contain the same character three times in a row. Under no circumstances can it be given to you over the telephone and you will never be asked to disclose it to one of our Agents. You are responsible for the use and safekeeping of your personal PIN code, and the consequences of disclosing it, even unintentionally, to anyone. You must not reveal it to any third parties, including anyone belonging to our Organisation. You must keep it secret.


Changing your code

You can change your personal PIN code at any time by clicking "Change your password". The new code takes effect immediately. We recommend that you avoid choosing codes that are too simple (for example, 1234567 or QWERTY) or too obvious (like your first name or even your date of birth).


Forgotten your code

Go to the "Forgotten password" link on the online services connection screen. A message containing a link to recover your access will be sent by email if your email address is still valid. Otherwise, you can ask for it to be sent by post.
If you are still experiencing problems connecting, please contact our reception desks.


You must validate an email address in order to access your information

Access to the information in your account is conditional upon validating an email address. If you do not enter and validate your email address, access to the various sections in your Personal account will be locked.


Personal data protection

Our online services are designed so that no consultation or operation using personal information can take place without first entering the PIN code.


Right to access and amend data

In accordance with Law no. 1165 of 23 December 1993, as amended, you have the right to access and amend the personal information relating to you and held by the Caisses Sociales. You can exercise this right at any time by contacting our reception desks or our Data Protection Officer. For furher information you can consult the Personnal Data Protection section.

When you access our secure website, we store the connection date, your identity (ID number) and any changes you make to your personal options (email address, contact options, etc.), until your next visit, or failing that, for a maximum period of 2 years. This last connection date is reproduced when you next connect. This also enables you to detect any connection made without your knowledge.


Practical advice

Website availability

7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
Between 1am and 7am, information updates may lead to operational disruptions.


Essential options for a secure connection to our website (https) 

Your browser must be able to display pages encrypted using SSL/TLS technology.
Cookies must be allowed.
Javascript must be enabled.
All our website's functionalities have been tested using the most common browsers.