C.A.R.T.I. contribution categories for the new financial year starting at October 1st

Thursday, 8 October 2020
If you are a self-employed worker: remember to change your contribution category for the new financial year.

Every year, on 1st October, Self-employed workers have the option to change their contribution category for the new financial year.

If you wish to remain in the same class of contributions for the period from October 2020 to September 2021, no special action is necessary.

In case of change, please inform us of your choice by e-mail at recouvrement@caisses-sociales.mc

For the choice of category 1 only, if you believe you fulfill the resource conditions (mean monthly revenue under €2,494 ) entitling you to choose this derogation, we kindly ask you to request the documents to be provided from this same e-mail address (recouvrement@caisses-sociales.mc) .

Please note that freedom of choice between classes is limited for persons age 55 and up, until the date of settlement of the pension, to the class immediately above in case of rise.

New scales applicable from 01/10/2020

Quarterly contribution474.75 €949.50 €1,424.25 €1,899.00 €

NB: the value of the C.A.R.T.I. point is set at €15.256 on October 1, 2020