Widow's pension

Widow's reversionary pension


The pension entitlement that may be recognised for a widow or widower, whose spouse had been self-employed in the Principality, is assessed on the date the written application is submitted, in the knowledge that such an entitlement ceases on remarriage or cohabitation.


Subject to satisfying the other eligibility conditions, the widow can apply for payment of the reversionary pension:

  • Under the age of 50, if there is at least one dependent child at home on the day that the entitled spouse dies,
  • Over the age of 50, if there is not, or no longer a dependent child at home on the day that the entitled spouse dies.
Pension start date

The beneficiary has 3 months to submit a written reversionary pension application, by letter or with our Pensions Department. This period starts from the day that the entitled worker dies.

After this period, the pension will take effect effect on the first day of the calendar quarter in which the application is submitted.

The widow's pension takes effect from:

  • the day of the spouse's death, or
  • the day of the widow's 50th birthday, if there is not, or no longer a dependent child.
Working period

At the time of his death, the spouse:

  • must have been receiving a retirement pension paid by the C.A.R.T.I., or
  • proven the minimum working period required (120 months) either in consideration of just his self-employment, or by applying the coordination rules with the Principality's other retirement pension schemes.

When the minimum working period stipulated by the texts is not reached, no pension can be paid by the C.A.R.T.I.

The pension application submitted to our scheme does not mean that you will not need to carry out the necessary procedures with other basic ou complementary pension schemes to which you may belong.

Duration of marriage

The widow must prove:

  • a marriage of 4 years on the date of death, or
  • that the marriage took place 2 years before the effective date of the deceased spouse's direct pension, or
  • at least one child resulting from this union.


The annual amount of the reversionary pension depends:

  • on the total number of points credited to the deceased spouse's account, multiplied by 60%,
  • the annual value of the point, set by Ministerial Decree, which is: €17.112 on October 1, 2023

Amount of annual retirement pension = (number of retirement points) x 60% x (value of the point)

Calculate your spouse's reversionary pension


Payment arrangements

The pension is paid by electronic transfer into the beneficiary's bank or postal account:

  • every calendar month in arrears, if the beneficiary lives in Monaco, France or Italy, payment being made on the 1st working day of the following month.
  • every calendar quarter in arrears, if the beneficiary lives outside the three countries referred to above.

A pension awarded on the basis of less than 15 points is paid quarterly, regardless of the place of residence.

Since the reversionary pension entitlement ceases in the event of remarriage or cohabitation, you will regularly be required to confirm your status as a widow(er) who has not remarried and is not cohabiting.

You must inform us of any change in your family circumstances immediately!
These forms must be completed and returned with the necessary supporting documents to the Registration Department.

General payment conditions
  • If you live in MONACO, FRANCE or ITALY, you must provide a life certificate every two years, as detailed in our request.
  • If you live outside of these countries, you will have to provide either a life certificate or a certificate of existence every quarter, as detailed individually by the Pensions Department Inspection Service.
  • Where a life certificate is required, this document must be issued by a competent authority (consulate, town hall, police, doctor) on the dates indicated.