Coronavirus - Parents who are required to stay at home with their children

Wednesday, 18 March 2020
Day nurseries and schools have been closed to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Parents who are required to stay at home with their children can benefit from paid leave from the CAMTI Social Fund.

Such leave shall be granted from the date of the start of work stoppage.

To claim it, the self-employed worker must satisfy certain conditions:

  • All activity must be stopped, thereby excluding even partial activity by an employee or any other party;
  • The children must be under age 16 on the day on which work stoppage begins (age 18 in case of handicap);
  • Only one parent (or holder of parental authority) may benefit from paid leave. The self-employed person must certify that he/she alone is requesting such leave by filling in a form that can be downloaded below and sent to our office.
  • The other parent must also be employed and not benefit from any technical unemployment measures.

Compensation is payable with resumption of the activity or at the earliest within 20 day after the start of work stoppage. The amount of compensation for self-employed persons is €61.50 per unworked day.

The statement must be duly filled in by the self-employed person and returned by e-mail to: