Daily allowances

Benefit payments for periods of work interruption due to illness or accident are designed to provide an income for the self-employed worker whose business activity has had to be completely suspended

Eligibility Conditions

Cash benefits cannot be paid when this business activity is conducted as part of a general partnership or a joint authorisation, or when it is continued, in full or in part, by salaried personnel or by a member of the self-employed worker's family. However, in one of the cases above, situations of a social nature may be subject to a specific investigation upon the request of the interested party.

The self-employed worker must also satisfy the following general conditions:

  • have been affiliated to the C.A.M.T.I. for over three months continuously,
  • not be receiving a retirement pension or benefit payments for periods of work interruption under private insurance.

Income conditions:
The average monthly income for the household for the last twelve months, excluding previous revenue from the business, must be less than the upper limits of the green-coloured C.C.S.S. registration cards.


At the end of the first full calendar month of cessation of activity, the member must provide:

  • a medical certificate confirming the causes and duration of the work interruption due to illness, to the fund's Medical Advisor,
  • the declaration appearing on the C.A.M.T.I. treatment forms, duly completed and signed to the Medical Benefits Department.

On extensions to the periods of work interruption, the C.A.M.T.I. must be sent:

  • within 48 hours, a renewed medical statement provided by the treating physician using the letter card that the member must complete and sign,
  • at the end of every calendar month, a certificate of non-resumption of activity,
  • after the work interruption, a statement giving the date of resumption of activity.

Obligations of the self-employed worker

The employee must:

  • comply with the set times for leaving the house (between 4.00pm and 6.00pm),
  • provide their place of residence and telephone number when they stop work,
  • not spend time outside the place of residence without the prior permission of the Medical Examinations Department.

Failing this, the payment of daily allowances is likely to be refused.

Benefit payment

Daily allowance

The fixed amount of the daily allowances is set at  Service momentanément indisponible.

Waiting time

Daily allowances are paid from the first day of the month after the first full calendar month of work interruption.

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Benefit duration

At most, cash benefits can represent 360 daily allowances, continuous or not, over a period of three consecutive years.

Benefit payment periods
  • For full calendar months of work stoppages the benefit is paid in arrears.
  • For months during which the work interruption ceases, the benefit payment for days when work is stopped is paid on receipt of the sworn declaration which must specify the resumption date of the activity.
At the end of every month, please send us a sworn declaration attesting to the non-resumption of your activity, the payment of cash benefits being subject to the receipt of this document.