Any change of situation may affect your rights.
You must therefore declare such changes as soon as possible to your Fund.


  • My child is attending an educational establishment, what should I do?
    • If your child is under 6 years of age or will reach the age of 6 after 31 March of the current school year, there is nothing to do.
    • Children aged over 6 and under 21 years at the start of the school term receive in September a form which has to be completed by the school. If you do not receive this letter, it means that the Caisses Sociales have directly received the information from the school.
  • My child is following an apprenticeship scheme, a placement, a professional training contract, what should I do?
    • You should send the Family Benefits Department:
      • His certificate of education
      • A copy of the apprenticeship contract
      • At the end of the school year, a form relating to their diligence which has to be completed by the child's employer.
  • My child has ended his / her education, what should I do?
    • If your child has completed his/her schooling or ceased their education for a time or permanently, access to family allowances provided by C.A.M.T.I. ends.
    • Moreover, as this situation affects your child's health insurance, you should contact our Medical Services Department.
  • My child is working while studying, can I continue to receive family allowances?
    • A child may be paid to work in conjunction with their education. They cease to be dependent children as soon as their monthly gross income is more than 891.52€ for the current year. 
    • Consequently, access to family allowances provided by C.A.M.T.I. closes.
  • Up to what age are family allowances paid?
    • Family allowances are paid until the month of the child's 21st birthday, provided that children are still in education.
    • Please contact our Medical Services Department with regard to the child's health insurance thereafter.
  • If my child is gainfully employed during the school holidays, what do I need to do?
    • If your child has a professional activity in the summer season, his/her revenue is neutralised and the payment of family benefits is not called into question, on the condition he/she resumes schooling for the coming school year.
    • If, however, this activity follows the final years of schooling, payment of family benefits ends with the end of the first full month of your child’s professional activity.
    • In case of any uncertainty as to your situation, please do not hesitate to contact our Family Benefits Department.