Family allowances

A self-employed worker who has at least one dependent child and who also meets the conditions to qualify as a beneficiary may claim family allowances provided by C.A.M.T.I.

Family allowances are due for every dependent child from:

  • the month of birth, when the beneficiary's registration with C.A.M.T.I. has come into effect,
  • from the first day of the month after the month when services of this nature have been provided by another scheme,
  • from the first complete month of the beneficiary's registration with C.A.M.T.I.,

provided that contributions to C.A.M.T.I. are up to date.


This amount varies according to the child's age. It is fixed every year by the CAMTI Committees and is generally modified on 1 October of the current calendar year.

Monthly amount of the family allowances, effective October 1, 2023
0 - 3 years old3 - 6 years old6 - 10 years old+ 10 years old
166.40 €249.60 €299.50 €349.50 €

Payment arrangements

  • Family allowances for a given month are generally paid at the end of the month.
  • They are paid to the contributor who is, by default, the beneficiary.
  • In the event of alternating residence between the father's home and that of the mother, Family Allowances are paid half to each parent.

Supporting documents to be provided

  • For children aged between 6 and 20 years, the beneficiary is required to send C.A.M.T.I. the school certificate which is sent to them at the start of the school year, duly completed by the institution where the child is enrolled.

Children, aged over 6 and under 21 years at the start of the school term, receive in September a form which has to be completed by the school. If this letter is not received, it is because the educational institution has directly forwarded information to the Caisses Sociales.

  • For children over 16 years of age on 30 June, it also has to provide a certificate of continuing education which is usually required at the end of May - early June.
  • For children who are following correspondence courses:
    • When maintaining the educational record and at the beginning of every school year: provide a certificate of education and a sworn statement which specifies whether your child is in gainful employment.
    • Moreover, it is the beneficiary's responsibility to inform Family Benefits Department of any change in the situation (end of education, poor attendance, work not done, start of paid work, etc.).
  • For children on apprenticeships, provide:
    • At the start of the school year: a photocopy of the apprenticeship contract and a registration certificate for the course,
    • At the end of the school year, a form relating to their diligence which has to be completed by the child's employer.

If one of your children leaves school during the year, they are no longer entitled to Family Allowances, unless there is a medical reason for this.

Therefore, you must immediately inform the Family Benefits Department about such a situation in order to avoid potentially unpleasant adjustments and requests for repayments.