Year-End bonus

No application needs to be completed for the payment of the Year-End Bonus which is paid to claimants where the family quotient is below a certain limit.
We will determine whether each claimant satisfies the required conditions to receive this benefit.

Eligibility conditions

To receive the Year-End Bonus, the  head of the household must, for each dependent child:

  • have been a claimant for four months of the calendar year,
  • be a claimant in one of the last three months of the calendar year,
  • prove, given the professional income received by household members during the previous financial year, a family quotient that does not exceed  €1,094.00 for the year 2017.


This amount is the same regardless of the child's age. It is fixed annually by the C.C.S.S. Committees.

  • Year-End bonus 2017: €132.00 per child.


It is paid directly to the recipient of Family Allowances and shall be paid from December.