Basic conditions

The C.C.S.S. covers the health expenses of a retiree who:

  • usually resides in the Principality of Monaco, and
  • receives, directly or as a beneficiary, a retirement pension paid by:
    • the C.A.R. or
    • a specific Monegasque retirement scheme (S.M.E.G. ou C.H.P.G.)or
    • the French general social security scheme as an employee or
    • an Italian scheme, as an employee or equivalent worker, for insureds who are of Italian nationality.

Even if you were previously affiliated to the C.C.S.S. as an employee, you are not automatically registered as a retiree and you must submit a claim to our organisation's Medical Benefits Department.

If you are not usually resident in the Principality: we recommend that you contact the health insurance scheme of your country of residence, which can give you information about what you should do.