Housing allowance

This benefit is designed to help certain categories of insureds who live in Monaco and pay rent or are repaying a loan for the purchase of low-cost housing, to cover these charges

The categories of insureds affected

  • disabled adults,
  • retirees aged over 60.

Eligibility conditions

General terms common to the different categories

Inspired by the French regulations, these take into account in particular:

  • the composition of the family living in the household,
  • household income?
  • the amount of rent or annuity repayment for a loan to purchase low-cost housing, up to an upper limit of three times the upper limit applied in the neighbouring country, in order to take account of the specific nature of the Principality's property market.

Given this information, a minimum rent, corresponding to the share of the housing costs expected to be borne by the insured, is determined. The amount of the Housing Allowance itself is calculated by applying a percentage to the difference between the actual rent, possibly limited and the minimum rent.

The reception desk at the Family Benefits Department can give you more detailed information and has a simulation tool so that you can determine whether, in view of your circumstances, you are entitled to a Housing Allowance.

Specific conditions for retirees

  • Must have a retirement pension entitling them to benefits paid by the C.C.S.S.
  • Must be aged over 60 and, for women with a direct retirement pension, over 55.
  • Not be self-employed.
  • Not have a spouse who:    
    • is self-employed,
    • or aged under 65 and employed in a salaried job which is not a second income job, as defined in the legislation on retirement pensions for employees.
    • not entitled to similar benefits from another scheme.

Specific conditions for the disabled

  • Belong to the category of disabled adults who are unable to work (100% disabled).
  • Be covered by the C.C.S.S. for the payment of medical benefits.


  • The allowance is paid monthly or quarterly, depending on the frequency of the rent payments, at the end of the month following the period for which the Housing Allowance is calculated and on presentation of a copy of the rent receipt or proof of payment at the end of the loan to purchase low-cost housing,
  • For those receiving Family Allowances, payment is made to the recipient of such benefits (generally the mother).

We draw your attention to the fact that every year, the original rent receipt is required for the month of June. A copy certified by Public Safety is accepted.

In the case of purchasing low-cost property, send us the original bank statement confirming repayment of the loan for the month of June.