Resumption of activity before 65 years old : Terms change from 1 January 2016

Monday, 28 December 2015
The regulations only allow an early retirement pension to be combined with an occupational activity, if it is partial or periodic and is exclusively occasional in nature

Thus, resuming an occupational activity before the age of 65 is tightly regulated, based on an upper limit for annual professional income. If you exceed this upper limit, the reimbursement of every month of retirement during which you have worked will be requested
  • The following activities are considered as secondary occupations, if they result in an average monthly income less than ½ the national minimum wage:

Nature of the activity

Remuneration retained

Supporting document required with annual statements (1)

Salaried employment

All gross remuneration elements
(including additional and extra hours, paid leave indemnities and all
types of bonuses)


Self-employed or liberal activity

Income from activity that may, for
activities conducted abroad, give rise to
estimates based on turnover

Depending on the place of execution:
Profit and loss account
certified by a chartered accountant
Statement of turnover

(1) Every year, the Retirement Department verifies your situation based on a statement form, a tax notification and the documents listed in the table, additional supporting documents may also be requested.

The authorised upper remuneration limit may be subject to a prorata calculation in the year of settlement of pension rights and the year of your 65th birthday, in accordance with the provisions of the internal regulations of the C.A.R.

  • The retiree cannot combine their pension with an activity when they:
    • Employ personnel as part of a self-employed activity
    • Perform management, board of director or stewardship activities on behalf of a commercial company with its headquarters abroad (provision applicable from 1st January 2016)

You retired before the age of 65:
If you want to take on a secondary occupation, you must declare this to our Organisation which can provide you with useful and personalised information about combining employment and retirement.