The C.C.S.S. grants its insureds interest-free loans that can be used to make improvements to their main home, cope with a crisis period, or buy furniture or essential household appliances for their home

Who is eligible?

The insured person, who receives family benefits paid by the C.C.S.S.:

  • Salaried or receiving benefits from France Travail, living in Monaco,
  • Receiving a disability pension or retired, living in Monaco,
  • Salaried living in France.

Childless couples or single people may also obtain a loan under certain conditions.

For more infomation?

The fund's Social Services are responsible for investigating claims and cases for loans.

This service can give you any additional information and conduct a personalised analysis of your situation.

How can you submit your request?

Visit one of the Social Worker clinics with the following supporting documents:

  • your household income and expenditure,
  • the expenses that may be incurred.