Contribution rates and upper limits at 01/10/2023 

Upper contribution limits
  • Monthly basis

    • C.C.S.S. : 9,300.00 €

    • C.A.R. : 5,840.00 €

  • Yearly basis

    • C.C.S.S. : 111,600.00 €

    • C.A.R. : 70,080.00 €

CCSS Contribution rates and calculation method
  • For employers with just one or two household employees, for a total monthly activity less than 254hours, the contribution base equals33% of the gross salary.
  • If there is a nurse or carer for medical reasons in order to help the employer, a dependant or someone living under their roof remain at home, this contribution base is 33 % of the gross salary.
  • In other cases, the contribution base corresponds to the full salary reported.

 Based on this, the contribution rate applicable at October 1, 2023 is 13.35 %

C.A.R. contribution rate
  • Employer part 8.50 %

  • Employee part 6.85 %

  • Global rate 15.35 %

Contribution Ceilings and Rates (as of January 1, 2024 )
 Tranche ATranche B
Contribution Ceiling

Up to the French Social Security ceiling.

The French Social Security ceiling in January 2024: € 3.864.

Between Tranche A and eight times the French Social Security ceiling.
Contribution Rate

7,87 % to acquire rights

2,15 % does not create rights

21,59 % to acquire rights

2,70 % does not create rights

Share of Contributions60 % employer and 40 % employee


Remuneration elements to be reported


  • This is the gross salary corresponding to the total remuneration earned for the work, including employee contributions, the monetary value of benefits in kind, bonuses and incentives, gratuities, etc.
  • To determine the amount of the gross salary, you must calculate:

From January 1, 2024, the national minimum wage (SMIC) is set at € 11.65gross.

The unemployment insurance contribution global rate stays at 6.45% (the changes to the French regulations on 01.01.2018 do not apply to Monaco)

You are reminded that minimum remunerations must be increased by an exceptional allowance of 5 % of their amount.


  • The only elements excluded from the contribution base are:
    • bonuses given on the occasion of a birth, marriage or death,
    • dismissal and redundancy payments together with compensation and interest for wrongful termination of the employment contract, when these have been set by court order,
    • so-called "retirement" benefits within the limits of their statutory or contractual amount,
    • transport allowances given to staff due, either to the distance of their home from the place of work, or to special conditions for carrying out the work, provided that the amount of such allowances does not exceed the costs to which they are supposed to correspond,
    • a 5% allowance when the remuneration is equal to the minimum wage for the employment category.


Contributions are payable within 10 days of receipt of the contribution demand.
 If this deadline is not observed, penalties apply:

  • an increase of 10% of the amount of contributions,

  • an interest of 1% per month of delay.