Secondment abroad

The secondment procedure enables an employee to remain affiliated to the Monegasque benefits schemes while they are temporarily employed in a foreign country for a fixed term period

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An employee hired directly by a company in the Principality to carry out a job abroad is not covered by the secondment procedure and must be affiliated to the social services of the country in which they are working, unless there is no organised social services system in that country.

Important: from 1 October 2022, declaring and following up applications for secondment arrangements in France and Italy can only be carried out using using employers’ online services under the heading “Management" then  "Second an employee / Create a new secondment".

Secondment in France

Can only be requested when the planned duration of the work to be carried out on French territory does not exceed 12 months, unless there is a special exemption granted by the French authorities based on an application made to the Department for Work (Direction du Travail).

Secondment in Italy

  • This only concerns employees of Monegasque or Italian nationality.
  • It can only be requested when the planned duration of the work to be carried out on Italian territory does not exceed 12 months.
  • However, if the planned work is not completed at the end of the 12‑month period covered by the permitted secondment, an extension request may be presented to the Employer Monitoring Department using a new secondment application.
  • Secondment of less than twelve months

Secondment abroad outside France and Italy

The employer must ensure that the legislation in the country of the place of work, exempts it from joining and paying contributions to local social benefits organisations for employees covered by the Monegasque schemes.
Otherwise, the employer is subject to the risk of double contributions as well as the penalties prescribed by law in the country of work.