Employee registration

The employer is solely responsible for completing the recruitment and registration formalities

Purpose of registration

Registration identifies employees working in the Principality using a number. It is a prerequisite for the entitlement to benefits paid by the CCSS, the CAR and the CMRC.

Recruitment and registration formalities

Before recruiting a household employee, you must collect an employment request for household employees from the Employment Service (Service de l'Emploi) or our Contribution Collections Department and return it, duly completed and signed and accompanied by a photocopy of the employee's residence permit or identity card to the Employment Service (Service de l'Emploi). Based on this document, the Caisses Sociales de Monaco will issue a provisional certificate of registration.

If the employer fails to complete this procedure, it is liable for the reimbursement of any medical and family benefits paid to the employee until such time that the employee's situation is rectified.

Furthermore, the employer is jointly liable with the employee for the accuracy of the information given on the employment permit application.