Employee registration

The employer is solely responsible for completing the recruitment and registration formalities

Purpose of registration

  • Registration identifies employees working in the Principality using a number.
  • It is a prerequisite for the entitlement to benefits paid by the CCSS, the CAR and the CMRC.


  • The employee must hold a work permit authorising them to have salaried employment in the Principality.
  • A provisional certificate of registration is issued once an employment request has been submitted to the Employment Service (Service de l'Emploi).
  • If the employment request is refused, the registration ceases with immediate effect and the employer must terminate their professional relationship with the employee in question.

Recruitment and registration formalities

In order to simplify procedures for the employer, the recruitment and registration processes have been merged.

The different procedures:

  • for an initial employment or
  • for renewing or changing an employment contract.

Initial employment

  • Prior to recruitment, the employer must submit a job offer to the Department of Work (Direction du Travail, Service de l'Emploi).
  • This service acknowledges receipt of the document and, where appropriate, introduces candidates who, under statutory provisions, benefit from a priority for employment, to the employer.
  • The employer responds to the Employment Service (Service de l'Emploi) acknowledging receipt and indicating the selected candidate, accompanied by a proof of identity for this person.
  • If the Employment Service (Service de l'Emploi) believes that this choice is compatible with the statutory provisions regarding priority for employment, it sends an "employment request and registration application" («demande d'autorisation d'embauchage et d'immatriculation») to the employer.
  • This document must be returned to the Employment Service (Service de l'Emploi) as soon as possible, duly completed by the employer and the employee.
  • The Employment Service (Service de l'Emploi) then sends the employment record to our organisation which records the employee's information, and where applicable asks them to produce certain additional supporting documents.  Based on these documents, it then issues the employee with a provisional certificate of registration.

List of additional documents to be provided by the employee.

Renewing or changing an employment contract

  • Requests to change or renew the employment contract must be made using a simplified form that can be obtained from the Employment Service (Service de l'Emploi).
  • This must include any changes to:
    • residence,
    • family status,
    • the nationality of the employee or their family members.

Duration of registration

  • Registration begins on the hire date and cannot be backdated to an earlier date preceding the submission of the employment request and registration application to the Employment Service (Service de l'Emploi).
  • Registration ceases to be effective from the theoretical end date of the employee's activity, which corresponds to the end date of the notice and paid terminal leave period, even if these have not been taken.
  • However, registration continues when, following the termination of the employment contract, the employee receives benefits payments for illness/maternity, disability, workplace accident or unemployment.
  • Similarly, it remains effective if the employment contract is suspended for:
    • illness / maternity
    • unpaid leave when this is less than one month.

Employer's responsibility

  • The employer is solely responsible for completing the employment request and registration application procedure.
  • Failure to complete this procedure, or if the employment request and registration application is submitted more than a month after the employee is hired, the employer is liable for the reimbursement of any medical and family benefits paid to the employee until such time that the employee's situation is rectified.
  • Furthermore, the employer is jointly liable with the employee for the accuracy of the information given on the "employment request and registration application".(demande d'autorisation d'embauchage et d’immatriculation)