Education allowance

This allowance is intended to help C.C.S.S. claimants cover the cost of buying books and school supplies for their children who are aged 5 or over at 31 December and are enrolled in school or on technical courses or in secondary or higher education
One form per child is sent at the appropriate time to each claimant potentially entitled to this allowance.

Eligibility conditions

The Education Allowance is paid for children aged 5 or over on 31 December.

To receive the Education Allowance, the head of the household must:

  • have been a claimant for seven months of the calendar year,
  • be a claimant in one of the last four months of the calendar year,
  • return the Education Allowance application to the C.C.S.S., duly completed and signed, by 31 December at the latest.

The form, to be completed by the educational institution, serves as a school attendance certificate for maintaining Family Allowances payments after 1st October. 
Pending this document, Family Allowances payments will be suspended after the September monthly payment.

Furthermore, receipt of this form also determines the payment of medical benefits for the child. 
Therefore it is important that it is returned, duly completed and signed, as quickly as possible.

Some educational institutions send the information needed to process this allowance directly to the C.C.S.S., in which case the application form is not sent to the claimant, who does not need to supply the supporting documentation.


This amount varies depending on the class attended and the location of the educational institution. It is fixed annually by the C.C.S.S. Committees.

Education Allowance 2023
CLASSESSchool children in MONACO (€)School children in FRANCE (€)
Maternelle - 12ème79.0043.00
C. P. - 11ème79.0043.00
C. E. 1 - 10ème132.0068.00
C. E. 2 - 9ème132.0068.00
C. M. 1 - 8ème154.0080.00
C. M. 2 - 7ème154.0080.00
1ère année BEP Hôtel501.00501.00
2nde professionnelle282.00282.00
1ère professionnelle501.00501.00
Terminale prof.377.00377.00


It is paid directly to the Family Benefits recipient and is generally paid from the end of October once the form sent to each claimant is returned to the Family Benefits Department.