Death benefit

This benefit is paid on the death of a disabled person receiving a disability pension paid by the C.C.S.S.

It is paid to dependants for whom the insured was totally and fully responsible on the date of his or her death and, if such dependants do not come forward within one month, is paid in the following order of priority:

  • surviving spouse, not separated legally or de facto,
  • legitimate, recognised, adoptive or foster children for whom the insured was the guardian,
  • parents,
  • grandparents.

Its amount is equal to 90 times the daily salary used as a basis for calculating daily benefits or disability pension, without being less than or greater than the minimum and maximum amounts set by ministerial decree.

For payment of this benefit, the beneficiaries must send a written request specifying their relationship to the deceased to the Caisses Sociales de Monaco.