To receive payment of their medical expenses, the insured, member or beneficiary must satisfy the basic eligibility conditions stipulated by the health insurance


Certain equipment, supplies and products may be covered by the fund if they are recorded on the List of Products and Services (L.P.S.).

Invoicing and reimbursement arrangements

For reimbursement, you must:

  • provide the original medical prescription including the label appears, if there is one,
  • ensure that the product appears on the L.P.S.,
  • attach the supplier invoice (pharmacist or equipment supplier).

However, some L.P.S. products can only be reimbursed when the treatment relates to a specific medical condition (for example, nutrients) and sometimes, only with the fund's prior agreement.

It is important to check with the supplier.

The reimbursement rate is 80% of the L.P.S. tariff and 100% in special cases.