CCSS Insured 2024 Card Colours

Thursday, 8 February 2024



Every year you receive your new CCSS Insurance Card by mail. It includes information about you as an insured person such as your reference number, and your FSE code (Feuille de Soin Electronique [Electronic Care Sheet]).

This card must be presented at a practitioner’s or pharmacist’s request so you can benefit from the coverage of your medical costs.


How is the colour of your card determined?

The Medical Convention between the Caisses Sociales and the Ordre des médecins [Order of Physicians] defines the distribution ratios between the different card colours for all insured persons:

To respect this distribution, information about resources collected and sent to the Caisses Sociales makes it possible to determine the family quotient. The make-up of the family is also taken into account.

Depending on your family quotient, calculated on your household income, you are thus classified into one of the three categories for setting the rates of fees to be paid to doctors, dental surgeons and medical assistants for yourself and your beneficiaries.

Three categories of card colour are provided depending on the family quotient.

Find your Insured Person card on the home screen of your Caisses Sociales de Monaco mobile app, available for download for iPhone or Android .

To find out more about Health Insurance:

Find, among other things, on our website the list of all approved Health Professionals, as well as the applicable prices and authorised excess levels.