To receive payment of their medical expenses, the insured, member or beneficiary must satisfy the basic eligibility conditions stipulated by the health insurance


The fund has agreed a standard tariff with various opticians in the Principality and neighbouring municipalities with a view to improving reimbursement conditions for prescription glasses.

Contracted opticians agree to:

  • apply a standard tariff to standard quality lenses on sale to the public,
  • provide those insured by the fund with at least two standard shaped frames at a maximum price of €50,
  • produce a quote showing the contractual sales price and the amount of reimbursable and non-reimbursable supplements, as well as the reimbursement rate for each glasses order.

Request this quote when ordering glasses so that you understand the costs before the service is performed.

Whatever the age of the beneficiary, glasses lenses supplied by a non-contracted opticians are reimbursed on the basis of five times the rate used by the French responsibility tariff, applicable after the age of eighteen.

Contact lenses

These can be reimbursed under certain medical conditions, your ophthalmologist can advise you further.