Home help

When insureds have to use a home help service, the Caisse de Compensation (Compensation Fund) provides support by contributing towards some of the fees charged

Who is eligible?

Families where the head of the household is insured with the C.C.S.S. or single people who are covered by this fund:

  • Employees or those with a disability pension, regardless of their place of residence,
  • The unemployed receiving benefits or retirees living in Monaco,
  • whose income does not exceed a limit set annually.

Retirees and the unemployed receiving benefits, living in France should contact the French home help services.

In what situation?

When the person normally responsible for maintaining the household is temporarily physically incapable of performing the household chores for whatever reason.

What are the tasks for a home help?


  • do routine cleaning around the house,
  • do the shopping,
  • do the ironing,
  • prepare meals.

How can you submit your request?

If you live in the Principality

Contact the Home Help service at the Monaco Town Hall (Mairie de Monaco).

If you are an employee or disabled person living in France

Contact the Social Service of the Caisses Sociales de Monaco and send it the following documents:

  • a medical certificate in the name of the relevant person produced by the treating physician.
  • proof of your household's income and rental charges.

After reviewing your case, you will be informed of how many hours help you have been granted and the amount that the fund will contribute.