CMRC: Next Steps and Useful Information to Keep

Friday, 29 December 2023
Career Verification, Transfer of Your Acquired Points, Transitional Period: We Tell You Everything about the Next Steps and Useful Information to Keep.

CMRC (Caisse Monégasque de Retraite Complémentaire) is your new supplementary pension regime from January 1, 2024.

The creation of this new Fund is a long-term project which began several years ago, with the involvement of numerous institutional stakeholders such as Caisses Sociales de Monaco, Agirc-Arrco, the Monegasque social partners and the Princely Government of Monaco.

If you work or have already worked in the Principality of Monaco, the points you acquired during these periods are being transferred from your AGIRC-ARRCO account to your CMRC account.

Here are the next steps, as well as useful information to keep for private sector employees in Monaco:

From January 10, 2024: How Will I Be Informed About the Transfer of My Points?
  • AGIRC-ARRCO and CMRC have coordinated their efforts to facilitate continuity of information about your pension rights.
  • First: AGIRC-ARRCO will send you a summary document indicating the periods and points transferred to CMRC by mail. This important document precisely covers periods data about which was transferred at the end of 2023 by AGIRC -ARRCO.

Please note: If you worked in the Principality of Monaco in 2023, points acquired during this period, as well as any requested career updates will be transferred to CMRC before the end of 2024. You will receive supplementary information on these subsequent transfers.

  • Secondly: CMRC will send you by mail or e-mail a document summarising the periods and points which have been transferred to CMRC.
  • 1 CMRC point = 1 old AGIRC-ARRCO point
  • At the end of 2024, all points acquired from periods worked or assimilated in Monaco, including for the year 2023, will have been transferred to CMRC, based on the information provided by AGIRC-ARRCO.
  • From 2025, your annual CAR career report will become your CAR and CMRC career report. It will include your CMRC points including the supplementary retirement points transferred by AGIRC-ARRCO.


From January 1, 2024: What Changes in My AGIRC-ARRCO Points Statement?
  • Your periods of activity in Monaco transferred to CMRC will no longer appear on your AGIRC-ARRCO points statement.
  • If you have also worked in France: only your periods of activity in France will be visible on your statement.
  • If your career is exclusively Monegasque: you no longer have an AGIRC-ARRCO points record, nor access to the AGIRC-ARRCO personal space.
  • If you have a career correction request being processed by AGIRC-ARRCO, such periods may remain visible on your statement until their transfer.


From January 10, 2024: Who Should I Contact Regarding My Supplementary Pension in Monaco?
  • If you notice, on the document sent by AGIRC-ARRCO, that a period worked in Monaco is missing (period of activity or compensated period linked to an activity carried out in Monaco: illness, maternity, disability, unemployment, etc.):
    You can report it to your AGIRC-ARRCO pension fund until June 2024:
    To help you with this process, you can download the career correction request form and follow the instructions on it.
  • If you notice that a period on the document sent by AGIRC-ARRCO contains an error (salary, number of points for example):
    You can report it to the Service Info-Carrière [Career Info Service] of Caisses Sociales de Monaco
    Tel.: (+377) 93 15 41 30
  • There is a reception desk available to help you with these formalities:
    Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 12pm, no appointment necessary
    Go to the Retirement Department:
    Flor-Offices - Ground floor - 10, rue Princesse Florestine
  • If you need to get an annual CAR and CMRC career statement:
    You can apply online: 
    The career statement will be made available within 24 hours on average.
    Depending on your situation, the reply to your application may take longer to process.

    Please note: The career statement can be downloaded from your Insured Private Individual Area (Documentary Area menu), provided that you have opted to receive your documents electronically in your Insured profile.
    If this is not the case, it will be sent to you by e-mail to the address usually used for correspondence registered on the Caisses Sociales de Monaco’s Website.
  • If you wish to apply for a supplementary retirement pension with an effective date after January 1, 2024:
    Vou can contact the Service Retraite [Retirement Service] of Caisses Sociales de Monaco: 
    Tel.: (+377) 93 15 49 59


For Further Information about the request for a CAR career statement:

For Further Information about checking your career:

For Further Information about CMRC:

Do you have other questions about supplementary retirement in Monaco?
Check our our FAQ on the website which brings together all the information you need to help you better understand retirement in Monaco.