Dental care

To receive payment of their medical expenses, the insured, member or beneficiary must satisfy the basic eligibility conditions stipulated by the health insurance

Reimbursable procedures

Prior agreementis compulsoryfor:

  • any preparation or use of prosthetics or orthodontics,
  • any special treatment.

Dental procedures are designated by letters:

  • C consultation with the dentist,
  • CS consultation with a specialist (orthodontist),
  • D procedure by a dental surgeon,
  • DIMP dental prosthesis by implant procedure by a dental surgeon,
  • K, KC procedure by an oral medicine specialist,
  • Z for dental radiography.

This refers to fillings, extractions, descaling, minor gum surgery (procedures marked D for dental surgeons or K for oral medicine specialists), which may be accompanied by radiological examinations (procedures marked Z) and pharmaceutical prescriptions.


There are two types of prostheses:

  • fixed prosthesis: bridge, crown (metal, veneers, ceramic), onlays, implants,
  • removable prosthesis: full or partial dentures on resin plate, prosthesis on metal plate or frame
Dentofacial orthopaedics or orthodontics

The purpose of this speciality is to correct poorly aligned teeth and jaw deformities. It is used to restore normal dental articulation and masticatory functions.

The practitioner's fees

The fees for dental treatments should be set out under the conditions described in the "fees and reimbursements" chapter of the Procedures by Doctors. However, special rules apply with regards prosthetics and dentofacial orthopaedics. Reimbursements are made based on so-called "responsibility" tariffs. Full cover with exemption from patient contribution is, in principle, limited to orthodontics treatments started before the age of 16. However, the tariffs for these treatments are unregulated and their actual cost is often greater than the level of reimbursement.

It is therefore recommended that you obtain a written quote from the practitioner before beginning these treatments.

Regardless of the practitioner's fees and the technique used, the reimbursement rate the same for all colour categories.

See the table of billing and reimbursement rates

Practical advice

Before consulting a dental surgeon or oral medicine specialist, ask whether or not they are contracted to the Caisses Sociales de Monaco.

Healthcare professionals contracted to the C.S.M.