Basic conditions

The employee must be registered, which assumes that the employer has filed an employment request with the Employment Service (Service de l'Emploi).

In the event that a work permit is refused, any entitlement to benefits ceases on the date on which this refusal is notified.

On the date of treatment, the active employee must prove:

  • 120 hours of work or equivalent during the previous calendar month or thirty days, or
  • 200 hours of work or equivalent during the previous calendar quarter, three months or 90 days.


  • So that we can process your requests for the reimbursement of health expenses, you must complete and sign the statement of employment appearing on the treatment forms or attach a statement of employment form to the French forms.
  • If you have suffered an accident, you must, in all cases, report this to the fund.
  • During the first three months of employment or if you are employed by a temporary employment agency, you must also provide a certificate of attendance produced by your employer either on the treatment form or the related form.


For the reimbursement of medical expenses, unemployed people receiving benefits, who live in Monaco or France, are covered by the health insurance scheme of their usual place of residence.

Unemployed people receiving benefits after losing a job in Monaco and who live in France must therefore contact the C.P.A.M. (Local Sickness Insurance Fund) in their place of residence.

Special case of employees and the unemployed receiving benefits after losing a job in the Principality who live in Italy.