Widower's pension

Widower's reversionary pension


Pension Application

  • How to Apply for a Pension
    • The application for a survivor's pension must be made exclusively to the Retirement Service which will give you the application form and the list of supporting documents to provide
    • The right to a pension for a widower whose spouse has worked as an employee in the Principality is assessed on the date of submission of the survivor's pension application, bearing in mind that it expires in the event of remarriage or cohabitation.


Activity Conditions
  • Situation of the Deceased Spouse
Marriage Duration Conditions
  • If a child is born from the union
    • No duration conditions are required.
  • If there are no children from the union’il n’y a pas d’enfant issu de l’union
    • The widower must prove:
      • A marriage duration of four years at the date of death, or
      • That the marriage was celebrated two years before the date on which the direct pension for the deceased spouse took effect.
Age Conditions
  • Age Condition
    • Subject to satisfying the other conditions for entitlement, the widower has the option of requesting the survivor's pension:
      • Without any age condition when the widower has at least one dependent child at the date of death,
      • Or, when he has no, or no longer has, dependent children:
        • at 65, or at the age of 60 if he is recognised as unfit for work.
    • Incapacity for Work
    • This is a medically recognised incapacity, subject to the agreement of the Medical Advisor of the Social Funds of Monaco.
    • The application must be sent by the General Practitioner to the Medical Control Department, using a special form issued by the Service de Liquidation et Paiement des Pensions de Retraites [Retirement Pensions Liquidation and Payment Department]
    • The minimum disability rate required for this purpose is set at 66.6%.
  • The Concept of Dependent Child
    • The status of head of household is accorded to the person who effectively and habitually assumes responsibility for the education and maintenance of the child. To be considered “dependent,” under Monegasque legislation, children must meet the conditions below.
    • Residence Condition
    • Such children must reside under the roof of the head of the household, unless their removal is justified:
      • For health reasons,
      • By continuing studies,
      • By placement in an institution carried out in their interest.
    • Age Conditions
    • Children must be under 21 years old.
    • From six to sixteen years old, they must satisfy the school obligation or prove that they are unable to comply with this obligation due to their state of health.
    • Beyond sixteen years, they must
      • Pursue secondary, higher or professional studies
    • or
      • Hold an apprenticeship contract and benefit from monthly remuneration lower than the “salaire minimal inter professionnel de croissance” (S.M.I.C.), less age reductions,
    • or
      • Be looking for a first salaried activity and registered, for this purpose, with the Employment Service (in this case, Family Benefits can only be provided between the sixteenth and seventeenth birthdays),
    • or
      • Be medically unable to pursue studies or engage in professional activity.
    • When children carry out paid employment while continuing studies, they cease to have the status of dependent child as soon as the income derived from this activity is on average greater than €1,008.56 on 1 October 2023.
Effective Pension Date
  • How is the effective date of the pension defined
    • The widower has twelve months to submit an application for a survivor's pension, by simple mail or to our Service Accueil Retraites [Pension Reception Service]. This period runs from the day on which the conditions for entitlement are met.
    • After this period, the application will take effect on the first day of the calendar quarter during which it is presented.
    • Entitlement to the widower's pension is effective from:
      • The day of the spouse's death, or
      • The day of the 60th or 65th birthday of the widower who has no, or no longer has, dependent children.


  • How is the amount of pension calculated
    • The amount of the survivor's pension depends on:
      • The total number of points credited to the account of the deceased spouse, affected by the rate of 60%,
      • The annual value of the point, set by Ministerial Decree, i.e. €21.3900 as of October 1, 2023
    • It is defined by the following formula:
    • Monthly Retirement Amount = (number of retirement points) X 60% X (point value) /12
    • Calculate the amount of your spouse's survivor's pension


  • Payment Arrangements
    • The pension is paid by transfer to the bank or postal account opened in the name of the beneficiary:
      • At the end of each calendar month, if resident in Monaco, France or Italy, payment takes place on the first working day of the following month.
      • At the end of each calendar month, if resident outside the three previous countries.
  • General Payment Conditions
    • Dependent Children:
    • When the right to a survivor's pension is established upon the death of the spouse, due to the presence of a dependent child in the home, payment of this pension terminates when the child no longer meets the conditions to be considered as a “dependent child”.
    • Payment is then reactivated when the widower reaches the age of 65 (or 60 if recognised as unfit for any work) and after receipt of a life certificate issued by a competent authority (consulate, town hall, police, doctor).
    • Family Status
    • As the right to a survivor's pension expires in the event of remarriage or cohabitation, you will therefore be regularly asked for confirmation of your situation as a widow(er) who has not remarried and is not cohabiting.
    • Life Certificate
      • If resident in MONACO, FRANCE or ITALY, you will be required to provide a life certificate, according to the terms specified at our request, every two years.
      • If resident outside these countries, you will be obliged to provide either a life certificate or a certificate of existence every quarter, according to the terms specified individually by the Service Vérification des Pensions de Retraite.
      • As regards a life certificate, this document must be issued by a competent authority (Consulate, Town Hall, Police, Doctor) on the dates indicated.

Change of Situation

Contact the Retirement Service
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