Orphans' pension

Orphans' reversionary pension

Age requirement

A pension entitlement earned by (or paid to) the father, mother or any legal guardian, can revert to the orphan. The pension is granted under the following conditions:

  • until the orphan reaches the age of 18: in all cases,
  • between the ages of 18 and the eve of the 21st birthday: when the orphan is a student or apprentice.

This entitlement expires on the eve of the 21st birthday at the latest.

Pension start date

The orphan has 12 months to submit a written reversionary pension application, by letter or with our Pensions Department. This period starts from the day that they satisfy the eligibility conditions.

After this period, the application will take effect on the first day of the calendar quarter in which it is submitted.

How the application is made depends on the orphan's age:

  • if the child is a minor: the application is made by the surviving parent or legal guardian,
  • if the child is an adult: it is made personally.

Minimum working period

Entitlement to a retirement pension paid by the C.A.R. is subject to two conditions:

  • the entitled person's salaried or equivalent employment has been carried out over continuous or non-continuous periods, for a minimum of 10 years,
  • that these periods of activity include a total minimum duration of actual or equivalent work of sixty months.


The monthly pension amount depends:

  • on the total number of points credited to the deceased's account, to which a rate is applied,
  • and the annual value of the point, set by Ministerial Decree, which is €21.3900 on October 1, 2023

It is determined using the following formula:

Amount of monthly retirement pension = (number of retirement points) x (rate) x (value of the point) / 12

Calculate your reversionary pension amount:

for a child who has lost a father OR mother 

for a child who has lost a father AND mother 


Payment arrangements

The pension is paid by electronic transfer into the beneficiary's bank or postal account:

  • every calendar month in arrears, if the beneficiary lives in Monaco, France or Italy, payment being made on the 1st working day of the following month.
  • every calendar quarter in arrears, if the beneficiary lives outside the three countries referred to above.

A pension awarded on the basis of less than 15 points is paid quarterly, regardless of the place of residence.

Payment conditions

The pension is paid:

  • For a minor, into the account of the legal guardian,
  • For an adult, into their own account.

The following documents must be supplied:

  • for a student aged between 18 and 21: a school attendance certificate, produced each year in October,
  • for an apprentice aged between 18 and 21: copies of the apprenticeship contract, payslips and an attendance certificate for the training course.

The entitlement to an orphans' pension expires on the eve of the 21st birthday.

Between the ages of 18 and 21, you must inform our organisationimmediately of any change in your circumstances as an apprentice or student.

General payment conditions
  • If you live in MONACO, FRANCE or ITALY, you must provide a life certificate every two years, as detailed in our request.
  • If you live outside of these countries, you will have to provide either a life certificate or a certificate of existence every quarter, as detailed individually by the Pensions Department Inspection Service.
  • Where a life certificate is required, this document must be issued by a competent authority (consulate, town hall, police, doctor) on the dates indicated.